Wandering Ones


The story of Jeremiah Rainshadow, The crew of the E.S.S. Raven, the dragon ghost and Coyote (with a capital C) will be completed in the semi-near future. I've got about 56 pages to finish and then, I intend to put the whole shebang together in 1 graphic novel (someday). I would have put it out as separate volumes, but the fickleness of the comics industry makes me want to get it all out at one time so it can be read as one story.

Ahhhh. Vanity publishing at it's best.

So what the heck is Mountainworld all about?

Star Command Lt. Jeremiah Rainshadow goes on a 40 day vision quest in the year 2390 hoping to find his true path. While on his quest, he has a vision showing him a strange (an unfriendly) dragon spirit on another world. What he doesn't realizeis that he, his fellow crew members and about a hundred thousand Earth colonists are going to be stranded on this world and that he and the dragon are going to have to contend with each other.

Lots of action, spiritwalking, philosphy and fun stuff.

Current status: 5 and 1/2 24 page issues are done. (Five of Eight issues)

(if you'd like to see a pdf of the first issue, email Clint - be warned that it's a 50 mb download)