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Clint Hollingsworth is the author and artist of the long running webcomic, The Wandering Ones, and the very new humor comic Starting From Scratch. He is a student of the Tom Brown Tracker School, A Hoods Woods hoodlum, and has also trained with Earthwalk Northwest and the Wilderness Awareness School. He was, for many years, a student of Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate.

He is also proud to be a 1988 graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle.

His favorite activity after drawing comics and spending time with his wife, is to simply sit by moving water and try puzzle out the whole meaning of life thing.

He resides in North Central Washington with his lovely wife Susie and waaaayyy too many cats. He lives in the city of East Wenatchee, Washington, sandwiched between the desert and the Cascades mountain. He wanders in both at every opportunity.

He can be found on Facebook. Occasionally.